I remember once upon a time a friend of mine uploaded a photo of a pancake dish taken professionally by a food photographer in Europe,
Which wasn’t that different for me both seem to be fascinating.
She expressed on that photo About her craving for a pancake so much, and just to tease her I replied saying ” What do you think a pancake really is? It’s just a smaller size of our Qurasa”
Of course she hated me that moment.
This morning when me and my mother were eating Qurasa with honey and local chee toppings I remembered another friend of mine that told me there is a place in the north side of khartoum that people there make Qurasa with milk inside.
This piece of information motivated me to search about Sudanese Qurasa
Here’s what I found :
Primer ingredients of Qurasa are: Flour , warm water, salt, backing powder, some people add milk, others eggs…
It is different from a region to another and accordingly to the available materials.
Sizes of Qurasa can be very different from 50-5cm Diameter.
Qurasa can be eaten as a desert with the addition of (sugar,honey, nutella…)
Or as part of a main dish with chicken or beef broth mixed with tomato sauce which calls Dam’aa.
Qurasa is a very nutritious meal and it should be served as the number one breakfast meal in all restaurants in Sudan.
There is a type of Qurasa that is considered street food made by women all around Sudan that is in the size of your palm,
If you haven’t heard about it stay close to learn more, and if you have please share a photo or comment in the comments below.

#Dowaqa #journey_to_discover

Nahada Arbaab 

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  1. ليلى علي حبيب الله

    مزيدا من التقدم والنجاح في حياتك العملية و العلمية
    كل الحب

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